Coppermine Advisors, LLC is a business advisory firm offering strategic development services such as strategic plan development & facilitation, capital acquisition through equity and/or leverage, succession planning, M&A and the development of exit strategies.  Let us help you create value from strategy.


Strategic Planning


There is nothing more important to the creation of value than having a well thought out strategic plan.  While many companies go through the strategic planning exercise, very few make the development of a plan a living, breathing process to be managed, reviewed and updated as the business environment changes.  At Coppermine we have a proven track record of plan development along with the methodologies and tools to help manage the process.   

Capital Acquisition

One of the biggest mistakes many business owners make is starving their companies from the access to capital.  Fearing either over leverage or "giving away" equity, they stunt the growth of their organizations by not infusing it with capital at key strategic points in its lifecycle. At Coppermine we can help you create value by helping you better undertstand the options for the use of leverage, equity and other instruments to make critical capital available when your business needs it most.

Succession/Exit Planning


There are literally thousands of "Baby Boomers" who have successfully built businesses which have prospered for decades.  That said as a generation they are now facing the time when they must either give way to the succession of new generation (presuming they've done the approriate planning) or look to make successful exit.  In some cases they hold a winning lottery ticket in their hands but have no plan on how to cash it.  At Coppermine we can help you develop a strategy that will allow you to exit as you had originally envisioned when you started your business many years ago.